Have a current network of users with Win2K PCs logging in with Netware
client 4.83. This all works fine. No user has an individual login script.
They all use the root script which has a number of map commands; some
based up login name (MAP S3:=sys:test, etc.). The client also logs in to a
specific server in the tree.

Am now setting up all new Windows XP PCs with Netware client 4.91 SP3. It
sees the tree and the servers. I set it up to log in to the same specific
server. When I log in, it does not log in to that server, even though I
picked it out of the list in the client advanced screen (and does none of
the mapping in the script). In fact, if I manually try to map a drive to
that server I get a "path not found" error. It does attach to one of the
servers on the network, but not the one specified.

Thank You