We have a site in China. The servers are all setup to use the UTF8 Code
Page. The users have been using the Novell Client 4.91 SP1 for a couple
of years without an issue. Here is the problem.

If a users created a Chinese file or Chinese folder with the SP1 client
it works fine for them but the when using the SP2 or SP3 client, the
Chinese names are garbage. Use UTF8 encoding and NCPs is turned on on
all three clients.

If a user creates a Chinese file or Chinese folder with SP2 or SP3, the
SP1 users either can't see the Chinese files or the Chinese files are

This causes a problem since so many files have been created in SP1 but
we want to roll forward to SP3. We can't if this will be an issue.

Does anyone know how to solve this issue.


John Jakus