Recently I installed a new motherboard in 3 of our computers. After the
installation I am unable to get on the Network. I can login locally and
the computer works fine, but if I try to login to Novell I receive the
message, "Netware Security, The tree or server cannot be found....." I
ran an ipconfig/all and received these results:
Physical Address - yes gave me a value
DHCP enables- yes
Auto configuration enabled - yes
IP Address -
Subnet mask -
Default Gateway - no value
DHCP Server: 192.168.1...

I am wondering if the MAC address has anything to do with this. If I need
to add the MAC address to the Novell setup somewhere, how do I do that? I
am not Novell savvy by any means. FYI: We are running Novell Client 4.91
and netware 6.5.

Please help,
Thanks :>)