Currently running NSBS6.0 SP2 and have over the last couple of months been
slowly upgrading the XP Workstations from 4.83 SP2 to Client 4.91 SP3.

I know that SP2 for Netware is well out of date but up until the last couple
of days the system has been stable for the last couple of years - ironically
was about to apply SP5 to the server this weekend in preparation for an
upgrade to NSBS 6.6

We have a network accounting software package (Tasbooks Accounting Plus)
that uses Btrieve for its database files and just in the last couple of days
we've have two separate instances on two separate database files used by the
Accounts Package of Btrieve Error:14 which from what I can gather is a
Pre-Image File Open Error. These errors have coincided with upgrading the
final workstation which tends to access the accounts software the most.

The only way to resolve the Btrieve Error has been to restore the Accounts
Package from backup.

We have another network Mail Order Database programme that doesn't use
Btrieve and is on a separate volume and this hasn't had any problems.

Just wondering if anybody is aware of any known issues with Client 4.91 SP3
and Btrieve Errors? Or if there are any Patches that MUST be applied after
SP3 to avoid these issues? Or if there are any settings in the latest Client
that must be configured?

Thanks in advance.