I work for a school district and we got 15 schools. In one of our middle
school logins are slow. After typing username and password you will see a
hour glass for 30-70 seconds, then it takes 5-10 seconds to load profile.

On the same computer, if I login as student from a different school, it
takes 5 seconds to authenticate and 10-15 seconds to load profile(may here
it is taking 5 seconds more to load profile because it is at a different

I don't see any differences between these two middle school settings, they
are almost identical.

I don't think it something to do with the client settings, because a
student from a different school logs in fast.

I did checked tree walking, thats not the issue here.

I am really confused why it is with users in one particular container.

I need some suggestion, like what I have to look for and what kind of test
I have to run to see what that hour glass is doing.

Any help on this is really appreciated..