We're running NW60SP5, and all our servers have been updated with
DSTSHIFT.NLM. Our primary server receives its time from an internal
Linux NTP server. NW servers are showing the correct local time (CDT)
after last night's change.

XP Pro stations have received the MS update (KB931836) for 07 DST
changes. 2K stations have used tzedit.exe to switch to 07 settings.

Clients have not been changed from the default of Advanced Settings >
Set Station Time > On.

However, I fired up a few PCs today, and neither XPP or 2K stations are
picking up the new time. I've checked both OSs with tzedit and the 07
settings are in place. On XP, I've used the Internet Time tab to sync
with our NTP server. The sync is successful, but the station is still an
hour off and reports CST instead of CST.

I'm tempted to think this is an MS problem, not Novell. Any ideas?