Hi All,
Have been troubleshooting a problem I have had for some time.

Problem: Multiple versions of the Novell Clients take along time to bring up
the login prompt on laptops that have Wireless NIC's (although these cards
were not being used).

I would boot up the laptop, which worked fine.
Once I selected Ctrl+Alt+Delete, the laptop would then take ~1-2minutes to
bring up the login window. Once the window appeared, there were no other
problems logging in or running applications.

For a while the work around was to disable the wireless NIC and all would
work fine.

I recently noticed that if I set the the windows “Workstation” service to
“manual” start instead of “Automatic” the novell client would speed up to
the normal speed.

Not too sure why this is, but so far I have not had any problems with this
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