HI All,

I am running win-xp-sp2. At one time, a long time ago,
before out file server switched to Samba, I had Netware installed.
Apparently, my uninstall did not go so well.

I have already removed all Netware network entries from my network
adapter's properties. (All that is left is Client for M$ networks,
and print sharing, and tcp/ip)

I have scanned my registry for "netware", "Novel", "client
services" and have come up dry. (Means there is also nothing in add/
programs applet.)

When I go to restore the normal log on screen, I get "Client
service for Netware has disabled the welcome screen and
Fast user switching. To restore these features, you must
uninstall client service for Netware"

Where is this little bugger hiding and how do I erase it?

Many thanks,