I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but what the hey.

I've got a Windows 2000 workstation (4.90 SP2 client) running F-Prot v6
Internet edition. It's copying the update files to a folder on my
Netware 4.11 server. A Windows XP workstation (4.90 SP2 client)
running F-Prot v6 LAN edition can see the folder on the server but is
unable to retrieve the files.

The F-Prot boys are telling me:

"You need to make sure that read access to this share is open to
everyone because F-PROT uses the "System" account on the computer., not
the credentials for the user that you have logged in. So even if you
can access the files from this computer logged in with your user
credentials, that does not mean that the "System" account on your
computer can access the folder. More information can be found in the
setup guide on needed permissions to use."

So what's the deal here? Is F-Prot using the Administrator account on
the XP workstation? I have an account on the 4.11 server named
Administrator. Should I set the passwords for Administrator on the
server and the workstation the same to get this to work?

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