I have a Netware 4.11+sp9 server running IPX; external network number 456;
frame type 802.2.

Over the years, I have attended to other Netware servers, as well, and have
been well-served by the Novell Clients for Netware, that Novell has provided
for installation on Microsoft computers. Very recently, for example, I
installed Novell's Client 4.91+sp3 to complete satisfaction, on a Windows 2K
Pro + sp4 computer, as well as a new WinXP Pro computer.

This Windows 2K Pro + sp4 workstation computer is operating on the same
network as my 4.11+sp9 (802.2) server.

There is reason for me to want to use the native client for Netware, that
Microsoft supplies. So I tried it in another W2K Pro + sp4 computer,
without success.

I have verified that all cabling and routing paths to the server are OK,
because I have the two W2K Pro workstations side by side. Again, one is
using Novell's client, and the other is using Microsoft's client. Only the
Novell client-equipped workstation computer logs into the Netware server.

When sitting at the "bad" workstation, I enter a cmd window and enter
"ipxroute config." I see the "network number" that corresponds to the
internal network number for the server, "123." So that makes me think that
the bad workstation can see the server, at some primitive level. The
external network number, as set up in the server, is "456," but that is not
visible from the workstation.

For frame type, the bad workstation is set up as "auto detect." I also
tried setting the frame type to 802.2, to no avail. Yes, I re-booted the

Can anyone comment?

Is the Msft client for Netware not usable?