We're trying to update 200+ users to the new(er) 4.91 sp3 client on
mostly win2k and xp systems using the acu.exe method. On a test system
we have been able to initialize the install and have it go through
unattended, but for some reason options like NMAS & NICI are
installing even when specifying not to using the Novell Client Install
Manager program.
Here is our unattend.txt file and as you can see InstallNMAS=NO and
InstallNICI=NO but yet at the end of the installation these items are
being added...
NW_NWFS=NovellNetwareClientParameters, \$OEM$\NET\NTCLIENT\I386
Is there a reason this is happening based on the file above?
Thank you for any help you can provide.