I came across a strange problem where a user complained that after a
reboot (after a Revit 9.1 install), the client could no longer find the
tree (there are two trees, and it saw neither).

- Tree screen is blank
- In Net Hood, Novell Connections, Netware Servers, and Novell
Directory Services

I can ping all the Netware servers, and they are available through CIFS.

I ran the upgrade to the latest version, and then was able to see and
attach to the Netware servers in my tree.

This has started happening every once in a while to different machines
on my network, and not always the same way either.

Any suggestions of where to look for the problem?

NW6.5sp4 & sp5 Windows XPSP2 Client 4.91sp2

Jim Helfer
WTW Architects
Pittsburgh PA