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We are experiencing extremely slow network access. A look at our switches (all Cisco 2924-XL or 2950) shows they are not "Maxed" out. However, when users on WAN and LAN connections experience extreme delays in browsing their network drives and opening files. All of our port settings inter-connecting the switches and routers are set to "Full-100" and the routers are set to "Full-100". Some PC (WinXP Sp2 or WIN2k SP3or SP4) are set to either AUTO and their switch port set to "Auto-Auto" and some are set to "Full-100" and the switch "Full-100".

Most of our users are on Novell Client 4.91 SP2, some are running 4.91 SP3+. All PCs are running IP only and have hard coded IP Addresses and have DNS entries. All have SLP/DA settings and some have "LDAP ContextlessLogin" settings.

All the switches firmware are up-to-date.

Any thoughts or ideas????

one suggestion was:
This is best to ask in the Novell Client section. The key is to focus on 'Delay' vs Throughput.

If a file copy is fast once it begins, then it is likely not a physical network issue. If there are just delays/hangs prior to a copy then it's likely an issue with the PC trying to figure out how to get there.

One quick tip is to set "NameReslutionTimeout" to 1 from the default of 20. More tips would be available in the client forum.