A client of ours is running the Novell client with IP/IPX
installed as the protocols. Multicast and broadcast are turned on in the
client. They are experiencing intermittent problems with our software
because the client is not allowing the machine to respond to UPD "are you
alive" checks. We've used a sniffer and the UDPs are reaching the
workstation but the workstation is intermittently not responding for as
long as 10 minutes . . . on various different workstations. We set up
our client to run on lab machines at the site and the problem did not
occur. We have checked for consistency among the Novell clients on the
machines were it does intermittently occur and they are set the same.
The machines that are experiencing the problem have various different
applications running on them not all are the same set of applications.
One factor that we have tried is to up the timeout setting from 7 minutes
to 10 minutes on our server. This has decreased the problem but not
eliminated it.
Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I am a Novell 5.0 CNA.