Could someone point me to the right procedure to make an XP machine
automatically come up to a Novell GUI Login? I installed the latest
Client on a Windows XP Professional machine. When the machine was
rebooted, the old Control-Alt-Delete login came up and I had to go
through that before the Novell GUI Login came up. I went into the
Registry and changed one of the AutoLogin keys from 0 to 1. Now the
Control-Alt-Delete is gone, but the machine first tries to logon to
Windows workstation, fails, then the Novell GUI Login comes up with
"workstation only." In order to login, I have to uncheck the
workstation only, then I finally get the Novell GUI Login and can login.

How do I get straight to the Novell GUI Login without workstation only,
and without the machine trying to login to Windows first?

Chip Reinhardt