I'm not sure if this is a client issue or server, or what.

But here goes:

NetWare 6.5 SP5 and post SP5 patches
Windows 2000 and XP workstations

We are now using 4.91 SP2 and "c" level patches.

Files were created and written to the NetWare servers (not sure with
what client version, 4.90 SP1a was the "oldest" that I can think of),
with either very long names (like more than 240, but less than 255
characters) AND/OR "funky" characters in them like "%" and "&" and

Here's what I find odd:

Windows/NetWare/Client let you WRITE them to the server.

But if you try to "touch" them (ie, right-click and change attributes,
rename them, delete them, etc.) it will blue screen your pc and reboot

You have to use NRM or ConsoleOne to "fix" them.