Implemented Universal Passwords today...

have 14 NW 65 SP5 servers
1200 workstations (2000&XP)
all have client 4.9 sp2 or greater

Set up a policy in iMananger to force 90 day expiration and several other reqs like numeral, upper and lower, etc. All my current NDS passwords do not meet the reqs and should have expired today. 40% or so of my machines force a password change right after the login. 40% force a password change after logging into email, and the others were not told to change the password at all. Also i have a few users who have changed their password and it does not work.

i have run the security key check on the servers and it passes

Any Ideas on what could be causing this? It seems random as i can try a user on the same machine and it will still be random.

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