We are a smallish Novell shop, ten servers, 120 desktops, and are
looking into implementing Active Directory for workstation
administration. We wish to keep the two directories separate. We will
setup identical user names and passwords in each directory, and hope
to use the Novell client interface to authenticate.

In short, NDS provides authentication and access control to files and
email; while Active Directory provides workstation policies, SMS
capabilities, and other desktop related services. Will this work?

I've googled like mad, but all Novell wants to talk about are
directory integration and interoperability services, and Microsoft's
articles are all about how to migrate from NDS to AD. I haven't found
anyone running in a parallel setup.

We have netware 6.5 and Windows Server 2003.

Can it be done? Is it advisable aside from the necessity of
maintaining two sets of users and passwords? Can anyone point me to
some documentation?