We work on our compagny on a mixed environment windows & Netware. When
client ( XP and client 4.91SP3 or SP2) tries to access on windows
resources there is a kind of timeout. Once accessed, all seems to be OK.
I think it's a problem of browsing/name resolution. Clients works with
both ip and ipx protocol, ip is preferred network protocol. Resolution
methods are NDS DNS SLP for ip protocol and Bindery NDS SAP for IPX. DNS
Server is a windows 2003 server and hosts records have been created for
all the netware 5.1 SP7 servers.

In the advanced configuration of the netware clients il also configured
UNC Path filter to off but i noticed that access to windows resources are
yet slow.

Which are the bests parameters to configure in the novell client to
access windows and netware resources with ideal conditions ?

Thank you. Regards.