The network file server is NetWare 5.1sp8. Most of the workstations are
running Windows 2000 Professional, although we are upgrading slowly to
Windows XP Pro. I have a laptop that was running Windows 2000 Pro which I
have upgraded to Windows XP Pro w/sp2. Before the Windows upgrade it was
running the Novell Client 4.91 SP3 with NMAS. The Windows XP installer
compatibility check suggested uninstalling the Novell client before doing
the upgrade so I did. Now when I try to reinstall Novell Client 4.91 SP3,
NMAS fails to install and I get a message with error code 1603, and the
laptop will not log into the network because a service is missing. A
search for error 1603 and for NMAS installation failure gives me a bunch
of references to ZenWorks, but I am not using ZenWorks on this network,
and nothing I have found so far gives me any information that seems to
deal with this problem. Can anyone give me a better reference or some
suggestions for troubleshooting?

Bob Porter