We have updated some of our XP pro workstations from various older
novell clients (mainly 4.91 at older sp levels) to 4.91 SP3. We have had
about 20-30% of those reboot after restarting and logging back in
because of some conflict with Symantec Antivirus. In these cases, the PC
would reboot when the user logs into the server (NW 6.5 SP6) whether
logging into workstation only first or logging into both server and WS
together. Just to clarify, if the user logs into WS only first, the PC
would run fine all day long.

In all of these cases, removing the antivirus program and reinstalling
it fixed the problem. The SAV version doesn't matter. We have SAV on all
or our PCs (almost all 10.1, 10.1.5 or 10.0.2), but most of the ones
that have been updated are not having the problem. However, I am hoping
to update another 100 or so clients soon and this would definitely put a
cramp in my day. Or week or month, for that matter. Any suggestions out
there? Thanks.