Using WinXP Pro SP2, Novell Client 4.91.3, IPX only. Netware 3.2.

I have a new computer with AMD dual 64 CPU. OS is as described above.
Problem: After entering Novell ID and password into client, dialog
disappears and then all I see is wallpaper, no icons. After 20 to 40
seconds Novell login script executes, and then all is well. Remainder of
session is normal until next logon. Then same delay again.

Checking MSCONFIG shows nothing abnormal, and startup items give the
appearance of loading after login. (Antivirus, soundcard volume control,

Any idea what might be causing the delay? All my apps that have update
capability are set to only update when I open the app and click "Check for
Update". I've turned off all auto-update options.

Any idea of what might be causing the delay? My prior computer (slower CPU)
with the same apps had no such delay. Login and go with no wait in between.