We are experiencing a new problem with two workstations, XP SP2, that seems
to have come in with update A to SP3 or perhaps with SP3 itself.

These two are the only ones that connect to a Health Systems "sensitive
data" Win2003 server using a keychain password generating device via a Cisco

They can connect fine, and browse the directories they are interested in.
They can open up the Word files there and edit them to their heart's
content, but each and every time they attempt to save the Word file back to
those directories, we get a BSOD -> NO_MORE_IRP_STACK_LOCATIONS.

Opening, editing, saving a small plain text file with NotePad works fine, as
well as copying any files with Windows Explorer from and to those

Oddly, the same users on the same Cisco VPN used to authenticate via another
VPN profile using a static password to another (radius?) authentication
server and another Win2003 server has no such problem at all.

The only way I could get it not to BSOD was remove the Novell Client
completely; just a Workstation Only login did not make any difference.

Anybody else seen this type of problem? They rarely attach to the HS server,
so it is not clear if it worked up to update package A for SP3 or only with

(Deduced hard to debug this, especially since I don't have access to the HS
server myself!)