we have a problem with the latest oes linux ncp server patch
(novell-ncp-5.0.1-87, novell-ncpserv-2.0-18) and the
novell client 4.91 sp3 + latest patches.

when a user gets the message at login that his passwort has expired and he
changes the passwort, he logs in but with the problem that all novell
shares on other servers than the logon server are not connectet (with the
funny message that an network share can not used for an local share, or
so, it's german here).

in our case the ncp/nss shares are on oes linux cluster and the client
refuses to connect to the cluster objekt.

when you try to connect to an other server with \\servername\share or the
networkplaces->novell->tree->location of the server, it pops up an novell
window for authentikation to this server.

logoff and logon after the problem works and the user gets all shares.

ip adress instead the tree name also works, the password change makes no

slpinfo looks right, he has the right slp-da servers per dhcp (but i can

oes linux sp2 with latest rug patches. novell-samba accts as PDC.

w2k-sp4, novell client 4.91-sp3 with latest patches.
zenworks 7.0.1

line of the logonscript:
MAP I:=.cluster-wien_DATEN.services.wien.wt.tpa\intern