getting ready to deploy a cisco wireless lan in our NW6.5
environment...seems most of the wireless type questions are here in the
client forum.

A couple of things that I'm not quite clear on:

do you need to have a radius server if you're using one of the 3rd
party client plug-ins, like the cisco secure services client? (the
goal being a single login through the netware client, using edire
credentials to authenticate to windoze, eDir, and the wlan all in one
fell swoop).

I've seen a few posts about using "freeRadius", on a linux box. don't
have a linux box. I do have a bordermanager server, though, which can
run the old nlm based radius, but people say it won't work for 802.1x
authentication. But I found this TID that says otherwise
(10098699)...which is so short and sweet and to the point, I'll
transcribe it here:
Can a wireless Access Point (WAP) use Bordermanager and RADIUS for
Wireless authentication?
Bordermanager 3.8
Yes, any Wireless Access Point (WAP) can use RADIUS for wireless
authentication, as lon as it is RADIUS enabled.

So...which is it?
If "old radius" won't work, they should take this TID down, I think....