I am having an issue with an XP SP2 workstation and the tree command in
the login script.

Client version 4.91 SP3 or SP2 (We back revved to SP2 to see if this
resolved the problem but it has not).
The system is running IP only over a wireless connection and SLP
configured manually (static) for both trees.

On the initial login of the day, the first user will get a failure to
login to the second tree (the secondary login has the user and password
set in the script, so there is no intervention by the end user). Packet
trace reports authentication failure. Even if I remove the password from
the login script and try to enter it manually, I get this same failure.
If you log off and then login as another user with the same login script,
it will authenticate and work properly. Also, if you perform a restart,
it will still work after this operation but the very next day with the
same user logging in, it will fail again in the morning.

We have multiple windows 2000 systems working the exact same way but they
do not experiance this problem. What other items should I be looking at?

Is it possible it is the local profile issue? We use Dynamic Local User
for both Win2K and XP and the local user is not deleted on logout for
these users.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.