If I try to login to a workstation as a new user I get a windows prompt
asking for my password. If I click cancel, then type in my password again
on the novell login it works perfectly.
I had this problem with the 4.9 client and had to backrev these files to
nalntsrv.exe - 16/11/2000
wm.exe - 09/05/2000
wsreg32r.dll - 29/09/2000
wsreg32.exe - 22/02/2000
wsreg.dll 22/02/2000
wuser32.exe - 25/09/2000
zenapp32.dll - 22/02/2001
zenpol32.dll - 22/02/2000

We are running Novell Client 4.91 sp3. We use dynamic local user(dlu) and
we do not delete profiles on logout.
Thanks in advance.