I basicly want the Novell client to check for client updates every 7 days.
Install the updates for the user and continue the login prosess.

I am trying to setup the update agent functionality correct. At the
"update agent" Tab i have enabled "automatic update agent", Set the update
interval to 7 days, the "update source" tab and enabled the "administrator
rights" tab.

My question :
* Do i have to configure the ini file cuagent.ini as well for the update
functionality to work ?
* Will the CUAGENT.exe program handel the update prosess by it self or du
i need any additional setup for this to work ?
* And how must the update files be placed in the update location , should
i unpack all the updates at the root of my update location. I have used a
UNC path in my settings.

\ Thanks \

Hans P.