I have Windows XP authenticating over WLAN to eDirectory via FreeRADIUS with
no problems. If I login as Workstation Only, the WinXP supplicant remembers
the user login credentials I had given it before and it auto-authenticates
to the Wireless LAN with PEAP.

Using the Client 4.91 SP4, I've followed the procedure to enable 802.1x
(installed the two recommended updates) but if I try to login via 802.1x on
a Restart I get the error "802.1x Found no connections to authenticate"

I've also received the error:
"802.1x Authentication failed. Timeout waiting for authentication to
finish. Logging in to workstation only." During the time it takes for these
error messages to come up, I see zero activity on the FreeRADIUS log screen.

Once I login as Workstation Only, the Windows XP supplicant does it's job
for the WLAN 802.1x authentication.

Any idea what I'm missing?

Yes, I am using the Microsoft Supplicant and "Use Windows to configure my
wireless network settings" is selected. I'm using a Cisco WLAN card and
only the driver is installed. I'm assuming that since the Windows XP
supplicant is authenticating with no issues that I must be pretty close. It
took me long enough to get all the other pieces working, FreeRADIUS with
eDirectory, then issues with Certificates because Windows XP supplicant
requires special certs, etc... I'm really hopping someone can help me get
this last piece working.