We are getting the internal error 0xfffffa27 when trying to log into our
netware 65sp6 server on a winXP workstation. Users can log in once on the
workstation, when they try to log in as a different user the error
occurs. Restarting the machine allows themn to log in, once. Neither of
these TIDS seems to apply, which I found by searching on the error:

"Internal error 0xFFFFFA27 reported when logging into NDS with NMAS
enabled FFFFFA27" TID3576402

"Dangers of using SYSPREP after NICI has been installed" TID3057160

In fact the fix for one is to reinstall the netware client, which is how
this started. We have a lab with client 4.91 installed and I upgraded one
(uninstalled the client thru windows add/remove programs and reinstalled
4.91sp3) to test a secure printer we'd setup. The printer works great, but
users get this error now unless they restart. It's a lab so there are many
users per day logging in. Any ideas? Thanks.