Hey gang --

I'm having problems with a single workstation running Windows XP Pro
SP2 and connected to a Windows Domain (and eDirectory) running the
Novell Client 4.91 SP3...

The user logs into the workstation... no issues -- all drives display
and all files are accessible.

About 30 minutes later ... (it doesn't matter whether the computer is
in use or not as long as the user is logged in) the network drives are
still displayed but experience a time out when trying to access them.

"[drive letter]:\ is not accessible. The network name is no longer

Where [drive letter] is the drive letter in question.

If I go to the "N" and try to log in again -- it takes about 30-60
seconds for a response from the server and then it informs me that
"Access is Denied" *OR* it just kicks me back to the login screen, but
doesn't even attempt to login.

The Novell Client seems to be connecting to non-preferred servers (as
specified in the client preferences.) We have three Novell Servers...
One Netware 6.5 ( eDirectory Master) and two Linux (SLES / OES)
servers... which are both just eDir replicas. All of the servers are
running the same version of eDirectory (8.7.3, I believe.)

If I look in the Connection Manager (under the "N") -- It's connecting
to the Linux server as the primary server and shows it's not
Authenticated to it, but is authenticated to the Netware server.

We have a shop of 80+ workstations and this is the only one that's
showing any signs of this problem... very confusing.

We've gone from Client 4.83 to 4.91 sp1 all the way to sp3 and it
doesn't seem to make a difference.

If I right click on each network drive and choose "Disconnect" then
log in again -- everything works fine.

Any thoughts on this?