I am having a problem distributing a ghost image in a Novell/Microsoft
network environment.

This lab has 26 computers (windows xp2) and each station has a unique name
in the workgroup (They are not in a domain.) which must be maintained to
run a common software program/database correctly.
This is a student lab so authentication to the network is done using the
Novell client without any advanced option or workstation only options

If the Novell client is not installed when creating a ghost image and
deployed to another computer, there are no problems.
If the Novell client is installed when creating a ghost image and deployed
to another computer. I receive the error message "A domain controller
could not be found for the specified domain." when trying to login. If I
select the workstation only and "advanced options" I can change the
workstation to the correct name and login. However doing this will not be
an option after I restrict the client.

I would like to have the Novell client as part of the image rather then
having to install it after deploying the image each time.

Any and all help is greatly welcomed.



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