I am looking into "Universal Password Policy" and have it configured on my
USERID for testing. During the testing of the UPP I change my password via
the "CTRL+ALT+DEL" key sequence in the Novell Client. The policy consists of
one UpperCase letter, one Number, and one Extended character and a minimum of
8 characters. Password contained all the requirements. eDirectory password
changes just fine, but the Domain will always state that it does not conform
to the password policy. The kicker is that these are the policies for the
domain so the password that I used should have worked properly.

Enforce password history 8 passwords remembered BDO Domain Policy

Maximum password age 66 days BDO Domain Policy

Minimum password age 1 days BDO Domain Policy

Minimum password length 5 characters BDO Domain Policy

Password must meet complexity requirements Disabled BDO Domain Policy

Store passwords using reversible encryption Disabled BDO Domain PolicyAccount

Are others running into this? A bug in the Client when communicating to the

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