I install Novell client 4.9 software on a Windows XP SP2 machine (firewall
disable). This machine is located at a remote site. The XP machine can
ping the Novell ipaddress and successfully do tracert. When I try to
browse the Novell server, I get an error "Unable to browse the network,
The network path can not be found". It does not see the Tree or Context.
I also ran ipconfig /all and it looks good. I am not a Novell guy. User in
corporate does not have this problem. What do I need to do in order for
the remote site to see the Novell server?

C:>ipxroute config

NWLink IPX Routing and Source Routing Control Program v2.00

Num Name Network Node Frame
================================================== ==============
1. IpxLoopbackAdapter 1234cdef 000000000002 [802.2]
2. Local Area Connection 00000000 0007e9cdb01f [802.2]
3. NDISWANIPX 00000000 f4ba20524153 [EthII] -

- down wan line

Thank you