Hi Folks,

Server = Netware 4.10 (I know its old but runs very very well)
Workstations = XP Pro SP2, Client32 4.90 SP2 (this client version
works very well with Netware 4.10, as it displays the user names
correctly with monitor, new client32's do not)

Problem, our environment has been working extremely well for years.
Then I did some changes and now we have some issues.

All our XP machines used to connect to an old NT4 Domain server, I
have since installed a new Active Directory W2003 server. As well I
have changed our switch hardware from two old Baystack 350's to 5 new
Baystack 450HD switches confirgued in a stack. All machines that are
connected to the new W2003 server and have a good amount of use
exhibit these problems. Machines that are attached to the old NT4
domain DO NOT have these problems.

- Periodic Novell drive disconnects, the only way to resolve to to
reboot the machines.

- Spontaneous relogin requests using the user name SYSTEM, this
usually happens about 60 seconds after initially logging in. The
solution is for the user to change the user name SYSTEM to there real
login name and provide a password. After this all is fine, except they
still might periodically get a Novell drive disconnect

Things I have done that seem to help reduce the number of drive
disconnects but not make it go away are. Go to Network Connections
applet, Advanced, Advanced Settings, and force all Cleint for MS
network traffic to use TCPIP, and force all Novell Client for Windows
to use IPX/SPX. IPX/SPX traffic in hard coded to use protocol 802.2
on network number 9BA4E9D2

On two machines today I disabled the ability of there network cards
from going into Power Save Mode, but I don't expect that change to do
much as drive disconnects happen when the users are on the machines as
well as when they are not.

Machines that disconnect are both machines with 100base NICS as well
as 1000base NICS. There is a single fiber bridge on the switch between
the 1000base switch and the 100base switch. Have noted disconnects
from clients on either switch so I don't thing its a switch problem.
Switches were setup professionally as I had a fellow set it up, and
the cable between is setup as a trunk and spanning tree does not move
across the trunk. Novell server is on the 100base side of the
switches. The only common denominator seems to be XP workstations that
are attached to the Active Directory seem to exhibit this disconnect
problem and relogin request. All others on the NT domain don't have

I used to have a similar problem many many years ago when we had Win
98 clients, our solution was to change there SPX / IPX timeouts
settings on the client by doubling them in the Client32 for Win98
machines. Unfortunalty I have not see the same kind of SPX / IPX
timeout settings in the NT/2000/XP client as it seems to use the
Microsoft version of IPX . Any ideas where to double the SPX / IPX
timeout settings on the NT/2000/XP client?

Anyone have any ideas ?

Les Elton
Network Admin.
ABC Recycling Ltd.