server is W2K3 running eDir

clients are generally XP systems
novell client is 4.91SP3

clients are configured to use NDS as active authenticator
Tree Name is being specified as the IP Address of the server since no
SLP, it's a single eDir server environment.

Occasional login failures

A packet trace being taken during the failure shows just two NCP packets:

First one is from w/s to the server and is a "Scan Bindery Object:" request.
Immediately the server replies with a packet "The specified bindery
object does not exist"

Also did a normal login trace and the conversation does not contain any
such packets.

It appears that the client is occasinoally making a Bindery request even
when it is configured not to do so? Note that this issue has also been
seen in other environments.

I'll probably create an SR on it anyway, but appreciate any hints.