We have a fairly nicely routed enviroment. Most servers are on the "old"
subnet. My workstation is on one of the "new" subnets. In my case I login
to a server called hal2000 (nw65sp6) and in my login script I map 2 drives
to a server called groupwise (nw65sp6) Over the last weekend, our big
router was reset, severing comms between most servers, etc. Now when I
reboot, the login script will give an 8884 error mapping to the 2nd server
(groupwise). SO I click past the login box. Once logged in, I can type
\\servername\volume and it pops right up, or I can manualy mapt it no
ptoblem. Saw a few TIDs related to this issue, but they speak about latest
client, and I have it 4.9.1 sp3. Well it was latest last time I checked...