We have an issue with our Citrix server, some users have incredibly long
login times (up to 10 minutes).

The login process slows in the login script as the drives are being mapped.

The slowness seems to occur only on laptops that the company provides it's
mobile employees. An employee takes 10 minutes to login with their laptop,
while their home PC only require 20 seconds. So we know it's not ID

From what we can tell, no home PCs get the problem. And about 50% of the
laptops have the problem.

We have one PC that took employee "A" 10 minutes to login, we gave him a
brand new PC and he still had the long login issue. We gave his old PC to
a different user (without the laptop being reformatted) and that person
has fast logins (30 seconds).

The sites from where the remote users login from are not the issue. We
have 2 people at one site, one can login fast, the other is slow.
The only thing I can think of is something in the local profile that make
the login script run slow. But I can not think of what it would be.

network details:
one Citrix server (latest version, with latest patches) - Windows 2003-
latest version of the netware client. (the problem has been occurring for
many months, if not over a year). We have updated the client a few
different times.

Our Netware servers (3) are Netware 6.5 sp3 and sp5.

Any ideas anyone?