We have a mixed environment of Netware 4, NT4 Server and Windows 2003
Server. We also have a number of switches in a stack and a mix of 1000
base and 100 base switches. They all work together quite well.

Problem ?

When we started moving workstations off of our old NT4 domain and
attaching them to the W2003 Active Directory domain we started getting
periodic Novell drive disconnects on those workstation moved over.

In the past I used to solve this by increasing the SPX timeout/connections
settings within the old Win95/98 client. All our newer machines though
are all XP Pro and I have no idea how to do this within the XP client.

Our versions of Client32 for use on the XP machines are 4.90 SP2, and 4.83
SP2, both clients exhibit the disconnect problem. But only after attaching
to the new Active Directory domain. All is fine when attached to the NT4
domain. I have a feeling that Active Directory is making the workstation
do ALOT more work, and introduces pauses that cause the SPX to timeout on
the connections.

Things I have done that seem to help reduce the number of drive
disconnects but not make it go away are.

Go to Network Connections applet, Advanced, Advanced Settings, and force
all Client for MS network traffic to use TCPIP, and force all Novell
Client for Windows to use IPX/SPX. IPX/SPX traffic in hard coded to use
protocol 802.2
on network number 9BA4E9D2

On two machines I disabled the ability of there network cards
from going into Power Save Mode, but I don't expect that change to do
much as drive disconnects happen when the users are on the machines as
well as when they are not.

Have increased the server SPX settings
SPX watchdog abort timeout from 540 ticks to 1080 ticks
SPX default retry count from 10 to 20

Packet Receive buffers as well on the server are very low (under 500), so
thats not the issue.

I am still experiencing drive disconnects, any other ideas
gentlemen/gentleladies ?

Does anyone know where to edit SPX timeout settings on the newer
NT/2000/XP client ?
Settings I am looking for which exist in the Win98 client are:
SPX connections=15, SPX verify timeout=54, SPX listen timeout=108, SPX
abort timeout=540

Les Elton
Network Admin.
ABC Recycling Ltd