Hi everyone

We use LDAP contextless login and it works well-provided the PC is
connected directly to the corporate network.

However, a number of PC's and laptops get taken home and are connected to
wireless routers which then allow them to connect through the internet via

I've found that if a PC's NIC is unplugged completely, I can sign into the
PC 'workstation only' either using a cached account, or a local account
such as administrator without any problems. The problem seems to be when
it's plugged into a router, doing a 'workstation only' login will result
in a permanent hang after the GINA box has disappeared, so all you see is
the wallpaper and that's it. I've tried leaving it for over an hour to see
if something will eventually timeout, but nothing happens. If the 'enable
LDAP contextless login' is unchecked under the client properties,
'workstation only' login is possible.

Anyone know why this happens? We're on 4.91SP3 and contextless login is
setup to use SSL.

Have a good weekend!