Hi, running NW65SP6 90 day eval, have setup universal password, a PDC and
joined workstations with Novell Client 4.91 SP3 to the domain successfully,
and the login works perfectly giving users automatic login to Windows.

In our production environment which I'll be migrating from, I have a 90 day
expiry policy on passwords, which I'd like to keep. So I tested it in the
above test environment and had issues:

- Problem#1, when I got prompted for the change I said yes, put a new pswd
(and sync with the CIFS domain was highlighted), and it told me "The Windows
password entered is invalid. NOTE: Other passwords in the synchronize list
were changed - OK", you click OK and you're back to the CTRL-ALT-DEL to
login, then you login with the new pswd OK. If I lock and unlock
workstation with either eDir or domain auth after that it's OK. Looked up
some TIDs:
--- TID#10051891 - close, but no cigar
--- TID#3604162 - if I unhighlight the domain when changing the pswd, I
don't get the error, but it still comes back to the CTRL-ALT-DEL screen,
login after that OK
Note that the Windows name and NDS name match on the login screen

- Problem#2, when I got prompted for the change I said no, I get "Your
Windows password has expired and must be changed. You must change your
password now!" with only OK, and click OK and you're put into the change
password screen. If you cancel out and try the login again you have one
less grace login and you can't get past the NO (loops until you run out of
grace logins).

- Problem#3, if I then change the pswd while logged in, it warns me that for
the domain "The Old Password entered was invalid", and I escape, but then if
I lock / unlock the workstation the new pswd (that it gave me the above
invalid message on) works fine for edir and domain auth.??

So problems #1 & #3 are annoyances (which I'll get help calls about), and
problem #2 effectively gets rid of the grace logins option since you have no
choice but to change your password right away or you can't get in.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance