I have a server with two network cards, addresses and respectively. Client PCs attach to one or the other cards
(via a switch of course), and receive from DHCP a local address in the
range 172.16.50.x or 172.18.50.x respectively. I confess I have no idea
why they pick up the '50' part.

All I know is that if, for any reason, a PC is moved and connects to a
different switch, it will almost never recognise a Novell network (does
not see a server).

This problem applies to all client versions, Win98,2K,XP. The solution
generally is to reinstall the client !!!!

Because I am planning to 'flatten' the network shortly, I really, really
need to know a simple and effective way to set things so each client PC
accepts FIRST TIME that is is now on a different network connection to the

Also, even when the client is successfully reconfigured, the PC address
does not change in DNS/DHCP Management Console, although the new address
might appear, the old one does not disappear.

I'm sure someone has a dead simple answer to my problem ???