Excuse me for my poor English,I'm italian.

I'm worry about the authentication between the newtare login and the
windows workstation login.
It's happening something very strange ....

I have done the login on a workstation with the usual user but for some
reasons that I don't know, it's like was the first time that I'm
connecting to this workstation.
In fact , it was created under c:document & settingname.fullcomputername

what can it be?
perhaps a synchronization between netware login and windows workstation

Many years old I have novell 3.x with startedpack (I believe that it's
written so) and for doing the login on the workstation it was used it,
creating a winnt-win2000 user package by NWADMN32.
I think it was so....!!!

During the years I have upgraded to nw 4.x, then 6.0 and now to 6.5.

Zen is not never upgraded!!!

Now how can I syncronize netware login and windows workstation login?

my users change passwors every 40 days.
I have some workstation XP prof xp2, Windows2000, NT and 95/98.

Please can someone explain me what can it be?

thanks for all