Version: 4.91 SP2 or SP3

I have discovered an issue with use of the Initial Novell Login feature.
We want to use the regular windows login and so have switched the 'Initial
Novell Login' off. We are operating with Active Directory and require the
client only for drive access.

The effect of doing this is that on a cached login (i.e. without network
access) the environment variable for Logonserver is set to the local
machine. With the 'Initial login feature' set to on (and logging into
workstation only), this is correctly set to the name of the last domain
controller to authenticate the machine.

The result of the incorrect Logonserver variable is that AD Group policies
will not apply to the computer if the nework connection is reinstated.

This issue is causing our project lots of problems as clients operating
with cached credentials and then connecting to our VPN are not recieving
Group Policy updates.

Has anyone got a workaround for this?