I have a problem that seems to be (annoyingly) repeatable.

If I create a Windows XP SP2 virtual machine in VMware Workstation, and add
the Novell client (4.91 sp2), the Microsoft Workstation service fails. If I
try to start it manually, I get:

A system error has occurred.
System error 87 has occurred.
The parameter is incorrect.

Event viewer shows a load of nasties, such as:

The Workstation service terminated with the following error: The parameter
is incorrect. (Event ID 7023)
Initialization failed because the requested service redirector could not be
started (Event ID 3113)

I've only seen this happen on virtual machines, and only after installing
the Novell client. I've tried asking this over on the VMware forums, but
didn't get much luck...any suggestions here?