We updated some of our XP and 2K PCs with Novell Client 4.83 Sp3 and 4.91
Sp2 to 4.91 Sp3 and install with it NMAS because we are getting ready to
install Identity Manager and also to Upgrade our ZEN from 4.01 to Suite 7.
With some of the computers we didn't have any problems but several of our
computers are geting the following error after you do ALT+CTRL+DEL to get to
the login of the Netware Client: SAS Windows Winlogon.exe ordinal not
found. The ordinal 3082 can not be located in the dynamic link library
Netwin32.dll. I have several computer with this problem and I can't do
anything with them except reload the whole computer from scratch. Could
someone please help me???? I still have over 400 computers to upgrade to
the 4.91 Sp3 but if I can't solve this issue I don't think I'm brave enough
to do it. Thank you.