I am trying to resolve a login issue with an HP NX6325 laptop. What is
occurring is it will not login to the server the first time and times out
after 3 minutes stating server or tree is unavailable or will try to run
the login script and not map any drives properly. It also will not log
GW, acting as if it can not see the IP address of the PO. If you then try
to login to the server by clicking on the N and re-typing the Tree,
Context and server it will login. After you restart you must go through
the same steps to get back logged in. I have updated the BOIS and NIC
drivers with out any results. I have also changed the client protocol
preferences to IP only. I am currently using Client I
have tested the NIC card via HP website. I have tried using the MS Novell
client and that seem to work fine. Any suggesting on resolving this issue
using the Novell Client?