Just trying to get a feel here for thoughts on Novell's client for Vista and
Novell's future direction as a company. You thoughts are welcomed

According to sources within Microsoft, Novell was provided the SDKs needed
to build a Vista client a long time ago, but still there is no Novell client
for Vista, nor is there likely to be one for some time. I'm curious as to
why. Our thoughts are that there simply may not be enough developers at
Novell any longer, and that this is sort of indicative of future things to
come. From an outsiders perspective, it looks like all the company's
efforts are going into SLES and SLED, and that the rest of the products will
suffer deaths as a result. We're starting to ask ourselves questions like
"Will GroupWise be around for 5 more years? And will Novell still own it?
Or will someone buy it and kill it? Will it go the way of cc:Mail and, for
that matter, Lotus?"

If someone knows, please enlighten us as to Novell's story with Vista
integration. Is it time we 'join the dark side' and switch from bleeding
red to bleeding blue? I certainly hope not, but I'm starting to


Dean Waters
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