I am running Novell Client v4.91 SP2 in the background of a AD-based
XP workstation using MSGINA.DLL to log on.

I have a utility that helps the user change passwords on both
directories using DirectoryServices of .net 2.0 for windows, and
Novell.Directory.Ldap.dll for Novell. The problem is that my password
change for Novell is being passed in clear-text (I assume this is
because of the usage of the LDAP provider). My Windows password
changes are fine through what looks like kerberos.

Whats the best solution to get around this? I cannot use NWGINA.DLL
for logon for certain reasons, but when I test a password change with
it, packet sniffs show a full NDS login and an encrypted password

Can I emulate a full NDS login with Novell.directory.ldap.dll for
encrypted password change? Or can I use the Novell Client somehow to
do the password change when not using the NWGINA?

thanks in advance..