We use DLU with volatile roaming profiles. In order to limit the size
of a profile we exclude many items and put a 4 MB limit on the profile
size using group policies.

We have found that since moving to XP from W2k that the size of the
ntuser.dat in XP is much bigger and grows much faster even when using
the same apps. This caused us to have to increase our allowed profile
size from 2500 KB for W2k to 4000 KB for XP.

Question 1 -- Does anyone know where in XP's ntuser.dat that extra
size is located and why it inflates so much? Better yet -- how to
shrink it?

We noticed that at logout NTUSER.DAT.log inflates from it's 1 KB size
to 1000+ KB. This, added to the size of ntuser.dat, which is usually
at least 3072 KB, puts the profile over 4000 KB and prevents logout.
HOWEVER, if we close NAL, ntuser.dat.log inflates, produces the
profile space error (preventing logout), but then shrinks back to 1
KB. The next logout attempt is successful.

What's going on? What does NAL do with ntuser.dat.log? Any suggestions
for a cure?